Posted by: Kathy | January 8, 2008

Picture People

“I want to get my picture taken (please)!”

Maggie has been asking since we went to see Santa to have her picture taken in her “pretty dress.” Sunday afternoon, I called Picture People to make an appointment for today. She got SO excited when she heard me on the phone and figured out what I was doing.

The appointment was this afternoon, and all day she was watching the clock, wanting to be sure we weren’t going to be late. We had to pick the dress up from the dry cleaners first thing this morning to be sure it was ready.

While driving to the mall, Maggie and I discussed the possibility of getting pictures in her jeans too. She said “Sure.” I think it was a great decision, as those are some of the best ones we got.

When we got to the mall, she practically ran to the Picture People she was so excited. She had an awesome time and “Miss Cyndi” was especially patient with us and took LOTS of pictures. It was almost impossible to make a choice! However, Mommy’s favorites were these. It makes me tear up just to look at them – she’s gotten SO BIG!

If you want to see all twenty-five poses (I told you it was a lot), send me an email and I’ll invite you to the official photo shoot page.



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