Posted by: Kathy | January 20, 2008

Snow at Grandma’s House

Another round of snow here in Hotlanta – no one can even remember the last time there were two “snowstorms” in one week here!

Maggie had spent the night at Grandma’s on Friday so she could have some cousin time with Ella. They both woke up Saturday eager to see what the weather would bring. By the time Mommy got to Canton at noon, the flakes were starting to come down and Maggie, Ella, and Landry had been playing outside for quite a few minutes. In fact, Ella had already succumbed to the cold and returned inside.

Mommy was able to get a few pictures of cousin Landry and Maggie running around. They also found a cool spiderweb in the rocks that they investigated. Once all the children were sufficiently wet and freezing, we headed inside for warm clothes and a snack. Even Baby Will got in on the snack action.

Mommy then piled Maggie and all her wet clothes into the mini-van to head back to Woodstock with promises of more snow fun to come.

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