Posted by: Kathy | January 20, 2008

Snow Friends

Maggie had an awesome time Saturday afternoon building her first snowman. She was so excited to see all the fresh snow when we arrived home from Grandma’s that Mommy had a tough time convincing her to go inside and eat lunch before playing outside. Luckily, her neighborhood friends were also going in for lunch when we pulled in the driveway.

Maggie went out all bundled up in her many layers and immediately started trying to build a snowman. Mommy and Daddy taught her how to start with a small snowball and then roll it. After a few tries she was off and rolling. She built several snow friends and had an awesome time throwing snowballs at Mommy and Daddy. Actually, there seemed to be a great deal of Maggie and Daddy throwing snowballs at Mommy.

Maggie’s friend, Julie, came back out after a while and the girls had fun building yet more snow people in the neighbors’ yards and even making some snow angels.

Finally, it was time to go in – Maggie had soaked through five pairs of socks and two sets of leggings and jeans.

It was a wonderful day in the snow, one I know the family will cherish for years. We’ll look back and say “Remember that year it snowed twice in like a week! That was crazy!”


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