Posted by: Kathy | February 2, 2008

Bowling with KidVenture

Twice a year our church sponsors an event called KidVenture. This is an opportunity for elementary age kids to hang out with their small group (think part of a Sunday School class) and their small group leader on a day other than Sunday.

Saturday, February 2nd was BOWLING!

Mommy dropped Maggie off at the bowling alley in Roswell – this would be the same bowling alley that Mommy used to go to as a teenager. And I did say dropped her off – no parents allowed! The church actually took over the bowling alley for the day. An amazing amount of kids in kindergarten and first grade were there to have tons of fun – they did the rest of the kids later in the day.

Maggie had a great time with Mr. John and her small group friends. Most of the kids in her small group are friends from preschool. It is wonderful that she gets to connect with them every Sunday since she doesn’t see them during the week anymore. They bowled, ate pizza, and just enjoyed hanging out with each other.

Mommy snuck back in a little early so she could get some pictures. They obviously were having an awesome day.

Thank you North Point and all that you do for our kids!



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