Posted by: Kathy | April 14, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Spring Break – gotta go to the beach right?! Of course you do!

We are blessed enough to have relatives that live near the beach, so that is where we headed. David’s dad and step-mom live in Edisto Island, SC. It’s about an hour from Charleston and a beautiful area. There house is on the marsh, about fifteen minutes from the beach – perfect!
Maggie and I drove over on Sunday, caravanning with David’s sister, Katie, and her two adorable children, Gray (7) and Riley (5). That’s right, the girls are actually only eight weeks apart. Because of crazy schedules, we don’t get to see these cousins often, so this was a great time for three of them to hang out together. They had a wonderful time.
The weather turned chilly after we got there, so we spent our time playing Hide and Seek, Twenty Questions, and Simon Says. We also visited the island’s nature center and explored a little around the grandparents’ house.

The daddies flew into Charleston on Wednesday morning, so we drove into town. We lunched at Sticky Fingers (the best ribs anywhere according to David) and then visited the Children’s Museum. The kids had an AWESOME time there and played for several hours.
Once Uncle Jamie arrived, the fishing poles came out. The girls had practice poles without hooks so they had a great time casting and reeling it right in. The guys did the more patient cast and then let it sit. Alas, no fish were caught, but not for a lack of trying.
We were able to hit the beach Thursday and Friday to the joy of the younger set. It was a little chilly for the adults on Thursday, but the kids were in the water anyway. Friday, the Aunts got in the action and I even rode the waves for awhile with Gray and Maggie. Ask them to tell you about “the big one.”

Saturday, the Hills headed home to be ready for church on Sunday. It was a great trip with lots of family time, love, and laughter.

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