Posted by: Kathy | May 18, 2008

The Pool is OPEN!!

The pool opened last week, and today was the first day that we
were able to go.  Maggie was so excited to go even though she was warned that the water was FREEZING!

Maggie’s friends, Julie and Grace, were there when when we got there.  They had so much fun playing both in the water and around the pool.  Maggie jumped right in the water and had no trouble “swimming.”  
It was crazy for Mommy how independent Maggie was.  The three girls set up a little camp on the opposite side of the pool from the moms where they were playing, talking, and having their snack.  Gone are the days when Mommy had to watch Mags like a hawk, chase her around the pool edge, and be in the water with her every second.  We have definitely moved onto a new phase of life. 
Grace had to leave before we did, but then Maggie’s friend Lauren arrived.  Maggie, Lauren, and Julie had a blast jumping in together. Finally, Mommy had to get Maggie out of the pool because her lips were blue!!  I can tell we’re going to be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer!  So, if you can’t find us at home, guess where we’ll be.


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