Posted by: Kathy | May 22, 2008

Kindergarten Field Day

Today was Maggie’s field day, and Mommy went to help out and take pictures.  The kids had an awesome time both participating in the events and cheering each other on. Somewhere, somebody was actually keeping score of the events, but Maggie and her friends “won” everything according to them. 


The events were extremely well organized with each teacher having a speadsheet (you know Mommy was in heaven) of who was doing what event where.  Each child was able to do four events competing against all of the ten kindergartens.

Maggie participated in the Critter Crawl (photo above left) which is basically a go pick it up and bring it back game. She also did the scooter relay, the water relay (photo right), and the hurdles.  In addition, she was chosen to be on her class’s big relay team, and did extremely well on her leg of the lap.
The most important thing is that the kids had SO MUCH fun!!!  They ran and laughed and ate all the yummy snacks that the mommies had sent in. What a great way to finish of the year. Only five days of school left!


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