Posted by: Kathy | May 28, 2008

Kindergarten Performance

Maggie had her Kindergarten Performance tonight.  It was supposed to be last Tuesday, but then the tornadoes came through, and it got postponed.  Maggie was very excited that they were able to reschedule it.  

Maggie wore her pink “field trip” shirt for the performance. Almost her entire class was there with four other kindergarten classes.  They performed in the gym for some very proud mommies and daddies (as well as extended family).  
The kids sang about six songs and did a wonderful job staying together with both the words and hand motions.  The favorite was “Matilda” who was a gorilla and they got to make lots of gorilla noises with that one.  It was very fun and very cute.
After the performance, Maggie posed with two young ladies from her class, Serena and Samantha, whom she is going to miss very much this summer.  She also took a quick pose with Grandma, Gramps, and Nana who were able to make the performance.

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