Posted by: Kathy | May 31, 2008

Last Day of School

Maggie’s last day of kindergarten was Friday. The class celebrated with a chicken nugget lunch and ice cream sundaes.  They also sang a few songs for the parents and then had their “awards ceremony.”  Maggie received the citizenship award (picture left) – one girl and one boy get it in each class.  Mommy and Daddy were VERY proud of her for that one.  Mrs. Cole talked about how helpful Maggie was to everyone and her willingness to be a friend to everyone.


Maggie also received the “Smarties” award (picture right).  Mrs. Cole had made up awards to go with candies, and the kids thought they were great.  They had fun trying to guess who got each one.  The “Smarties” award goes to the most observant child – you know the one that notices everything and tells you when you’re not doing it right – that’s our kid.  When she started describing what the award was for, Maggie raised her hand and said “that’s me!”  It was hilarious.  
After the awards ceremony, the kids gathered all their things, and most of the kids went home.  We brought Maggie home and were at the pool by 2PM with most of the neighborhood.  It was a great day and a celebration of an awesome year.  Kindergarten was lots of fun, and we’re already looking forward to first grade.  We’ve got eight weeks to play and then are back at school.  Maggie has lots of fun camps and activities planned so stay tuned for some fun pictures. 
Happy Summer Everyone!!

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