Posted by: Kathy | July 16, 2008

4th of July

Maggie was invited to march in the Woodstock 4th of July parade with her Upward Cheerleading Camp from FBCW.  The girls walked the parade route doing cheers and shaking their pom poms while the boys from the basketball camp threw candy and passed out Upward brochures.

Mommy walked the parade route with Maggie while Daddy, Grandma, and Gramps sat with our friends the Eliots to watch the parade.  It was lots of fun but very hot!!! We were extremely thankful that Daddy had dropped a car for us at the end of the parade route.
After the parade, Mags and Mommy went and got their swimming things.  After a quick stop at the 4th of July Festival in the Woodstock Square, they went over to the Eliots’ pool for some swimming.  Of course the 4th of July would not be complete without some watermelon.

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