Posted by: Kathy | September 15, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things I Love About My Hubby (Challenge)

So, a couple weeks ago I was “talking” to someone on Facebook and learned that she was getting divorced. It made me very sad. What’s even sadder is that I know several couples my age that are going through this horrible thing. As a child of divorced parents, divorce breaks my heart. It so upsets a child’s balance and understanding of unconditional love. Not to mention what it does to the adults who are going through it. And, I know that wanting to get divorced doesn’t happen over night. It’s a decision you slide into.
As I was “talking” to my friend I realized that we all need to remember (often) why we married our spouse in the first place. Even when we are angry with them, there are things we love about them. And, we need to tell them those things. How often do you look at your spouse and think, “Oh, I love that he…” and keep that thought in your head. They need to hear you say it. You need to hear them say it – right?
That day I sent an email to all the folks in my small group and challenged them to stop what they were doing immediately and write down/type out five things they loved about their spouse. Then, when they were together that evening, they were supposed to share their list with their spouse. The stories that came back were great!! Everybody did it, and everybody benefited from it.
So here is what I wrote for my hubby plus five more…
The Top Ten Things I love About My Hubby:
1. He loves me no matter what – the greatest gift I could ever get.
2. He loves our daughter.
3. He will play endlessly with said daughter and make her giggle with delight.
4. He works hard at his job – both for us and for the people he serves there.
5. He listens to me – REALLY listens to me.
6. He challenges me when I’m wrong.
7. He can make me laugh in just about any situation.
8. I fit just right in his arms for a hug.
9. He is the best in-home IT department I could ask for.
10. He mows the lawn.
What are the top ten things you love about your spouse? I challenge you to stop what you’re doing, write them down, and share them. Who knows, it might make a huge difference today.
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  1. My favorite is: He mows the lawn. LOL!What a great idea, Kathy! We all need to do this…now how can I get Les to do this for me, too? 😉

  2. I love this.

  3. What a great idea. I might have to steal it and do it at my house too.

  4. This is such a great idea. I come from a divorced family also. I will have to use this and also pass along.

  5. My favorite is that he's your IT department! haha!! Mine is the same and that would definitely go in my top 5!! Love it!Love this idea! thanks!!

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