Posted by: Kathy | January 26, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: I Need A Baking Fix!

I love to bake! Especially when it’s cold. The yummy smell of sugar coming from the oven. The warmth that permeates the house. Mmmmm….divine….

Ya, well, I ain’t got time for no baking this week says this overly scheduled editor. Great English there – ya.

So, if I were to bake, these would be on my top ten maybes.

1. Brownie Batter Cupcake OH MY! oohamanda twittered this recipe yesterday. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my!

2. Bread Machine Buttery Rolls – Crystal at Money Saving Mom has made these several times during the Eat from the Pantry challenge. They look like they would melt in your mouth!

3. Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies – They’re healthy right? There’s whole wheat and oats.

4. The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Well, pretty much anything in this cookbook. The Pioneer Woman makes me so happy. I love looking at her recipes both online and in the book.

5. Mix & Match Muffins – This so intrigues me. It’s a basic muffin recipe and then says add what you’ve got as far as fruit and mixings. I’ve got some bananas and pears that need to be used up soon.

6. Apple French Toast Casserole – Ummmm yummm… dessert for breakfast. And I’ve got some apples I could use.

7. Bacon, Cheese & Egg Biscuit Cups – Hello! Breakfast in a biscuit. Perfect for freezing. I might just need to find time for these.

8. Super Bowl Recipes – The House of Hills LOVES LOVES LOVES appetizer night. Might have to get a few of these in the meal plan soon.

9. $5 Dinnners – Another fabulous cookbook I just received. I WON this one. Everybody say Wahoooo! Check out $5dinners. It is another excellent website to get lots of great cooking/baking ideas.

10. Chipotle Chocolate Chip Cookies – Cookies with a kick! My Sweetie is very intrigued by these.

So those are all the things I want to make. Well at least ten of them. My bookmarks list for recipes is getting rather long. Probably need to reorganize that. Hmmm…

If you were going to bake today, what would you bake? What should I bake first on my list?

Head on over and visit Amanda for Top Ten Tuesday. You can go see her even if it’s already Wednesday.


  1. Are you trying to kill me?! Wholly cow lady, this list is going to do my diet in!! (Not that my diet is doing well, considering I’m making the Pioneer Womans fried chicken tomorrow!) Great list!!

  2. Fantastic list. Makes me hungry! Thanks for including my Super Bowl recipes. : )

  3. Ok, you just made me incredibly hungry!! I won a $5 cookbook too!!! Haven’t gotten it yet, but super excited!

  4. Browniebatter cupcakes please:)

  5. OK. I want ALL of them. So make something and bring it to church on Sunday. Pretty, please?
    *batting eyelashes*

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