Posted by: Kathy | February 14, 2010


Today is LOVE DAY, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day, or HEART DAY! That means extra kisses, cuddles, and “I Love Yous” at the House of Hills.

Valentine’s Day is not a day in which we invest much money, but it is one we celebrate with hearts full of love. For as Handy Manny just said on the Disney Channel (yes, the Princess is still on the couch recovering) “It’s not how much you spend on a present. It’s the thought that counts.”

However, since the Princess has had the tummy bug, and I don’t want her near people yet, and My Sweetie is at work, I can’t run to the store. That means that any yummy meal I was planning on making isn’t going to happen. And, since I didn’t go to church, I couldn’t bring My Sweetie his favorite gift of a Grande Vanilla Latte. And the Princes couldn’t bring him her favorite to gift to give – a big balloon.

But we are not daunted!

I made the Princess heart pancakes for breakfast. She has taken a couple bites. After not eating for two days, things are going slow with the eating. I’m wondering how much weight she’s lost…

And, I do have the ingredients to make My Sweetie’s favorite sweet treat! Cocoa Krispies Treats!!!  Have I mentioned lately how much I love My Sweetie? He really is an awesome guy. I even did a Top Ten about him when I first started blogging. He’s been texting me this morning telling me different things he loves about me. How sweet is that? So, I’m going to make a batch of treats for him to show my LOVE!

What are you doing at your house to celebrate LOVE DAY?



  1. Great post Kathy! Our Valentine’s day is being re-invented as we speak since Charlie is also sick and so we are stuck at home. We have a roaring fire going and Andrew is planning a yummy dinner for us instead of dining out. I picked up his favorite peanut butter chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins. It’s the simple things that make it special. 🙂

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