Posted by: Kathy | February 23, 2010

Kroger Shopping 02.23.10

So, I don’t usually shop at Kroger. In fact, I practically NEVER shop at Kroger. Why? Well, because the Kroger nearest our house has seen better days. I’m a Publix girl. Everyone at Publix knows me. They know the Princess. They ask about my family. So, I go to Publix and miss many a Kroger deal.

However, I read Happy Homemaker Cindy’s “Top Stock Up Deals” today and knew I needed to head on over to Kroger. People – they are giving you two free gallons of milk if you by four boxes of Kellogs cereal. And, you can get two deals worth. I GOT 4 GALLONS OF MILK FOR FREE!!

One bummer when I got to Kroger was that chicken was only $1.99 a pound. Wherever Cindy lives, it’s $1.68 a pound. That is a HUGE deal. But for us Metro-Atlantans, $1.99 a pound is a pretty good deal.

Here’s a picture of what I got:

Please note that I had a coupon for everything except the strawberries (The Princess LOVES strawberries) and the chicken (which was mega cheap). Not only did I have a coupon for everything, but everything was also on sale. And, did I mention that THE MILK WAS FREE! Can you tell I’m excited about that.

I spent $56.39

I saved $42.66.

Isn’t that AWESOME! I know those of you that are mega coupon shoppers can do better than that, but I’m proud of my Kroger shopping trip this week.

Who knows, I may go back next week – if there are more good deals.

Where is your favorite place to get the deals?


  1. Publix is still my store of choice…they seem to have alot of BOGOs and on brand names that they rotate on a regular basis. OUr Kroger has seen better days too…

  2. I hear that Publix is doing kellogg’s cereal B1G1 free on March 5 and 6. With extra coupons you can probably do a pretty nice stock up that weekend.

  3. You did awesome!! I got really super excited when I saw everyone talking about $1.68/lb & then I remembered that NEVER happens here:(

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