Posted by: Kathy | February 23, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: House Prep

Many of you may know that our house is on the market. It has been FOREVER!! Well, not really, but since October. We haven’t had much traffic until recently and we had slacked off in keeping it picked up. Then, we got surprised by an agent, and My Sweetie had to scramble and do some serious picking up in the span of like five minutes. We don’t want to have that happen again. So, here’s what we do before we leave the house now.

1. Blinds open to let the sunlight in.

2. Entertainment center closed and all remotes put away.

3. All the blankets with which we cuddle at night put away.

4. All counters wiped and sink empty.

5. NO appliances on the counters – this one is KILLING me.

6. Fragrance do-da plugged in.

7. Toilet lids down and bathroom counters/sinks wiped clean.

8. Desk in office cleared off – again KILLING me.

9. All toys picked up and in the playroom – the Princess is DOING AWESOME!

10. ALL beds made. The Princess is doing a GREAT job with this one too.

We are praying that all of this preparation will have our house ready for the perfect person to walk in the door and find their future home.

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  1. Wow! It sure is hard to make a house look like no one lives in it while you are living in it:)

    Hope is sells soon!

    • Thanks Jana! We’re hoping too!!!

  2. we’ve sold several houses over the years but only one that we actually lived in at the same time. That was hard. But now, with kids, ugh I can’t even imagine trying to sell w/kids! Actually, I can imagine it & that’s why it terrifies me!!!

    • We are blessed that the Princess is a bit older so it’s not as bad as if I had preschoolers. I know people that have done it with preschoolers. Ugggh.

  3. I hope your house sells soon. We were in the process of selling ours a few weeks ago when we found out we would have to sell it for way less than we wanted. We had even packed a bunch of stuff away and I started “staging”. I was majorly disappointed. We had found some houses we were interested in and everything. Huge bummer. I was worried how I was going to keep up with all that you’re talking about! Keeping counter and table tops cleaned off would be my down fall!

    • The counters are the most difficult for sure. We don’t HAVE to move, but feel like it’s what God wants us to do. So, we’re waiting on Him to provide the right buyer.

  4. […] House Prep :: Oh, the list of things I had to do when the house was on the market. SO THANKFUL we are done […]

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