Posted by: Kathy | March 9, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Blog Post Ideas

You know how you have ideas just roaming around in your head? That happens to me a lot. Lately, it’s been ideas about what to blog. I haven’t had time to sketch them out yet. Between a full time job, being a mommy, being a wife, and serving my community, I just haven’t found the time. But, here’s what I’m thinking about writing…sometime…

1. How and why I freezer/batch cook

2. Going to church w/ my best friend from high school – happened this Sunday

3. Princess on the soccer field

4. Give me a quarter, you’re whining

5. How to eat a cupcake – the right way

6. The great purge of 2009

7. Parenting – being consistent

8. My Sweetie’s favorite pork loin recipe

9. Book Review – Harry Potter – Guest post by the Princess

10. Book Reviews – what I’ve already read this year

Those are ideas I have? Is there anything else you’ve heard me mention that you’d like to hear more about? I’m trying to work out a writing schedule so that I can actually find the time to do what I am finding I love to do – write on this here blog.

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  1. Sounds great! You def need to share the quarter post. AND I’d love to hear what you’re reading/have read!


  2. Those all sound like great ideas! I wish I could come up with ideas for my blog right now… my brain is too fuzzy!

  3. I’m with Amanda … I want the quarter post. Like. NOW:)

  4. Is the right way to eat a cupcake by taking the bottom off and making a cupcake sandwich? Because that is totally how we do it around our house! : )

    And I’m with everyone else. I’m looking forward to the quarter post!

    • That is the right way to eat a cupcake. And, I have pictures!

  5. I have to write my ideas down too or else I forget them! I like the whining/ quarter idea and the freezer/ batch cooking idea. The guest posts by Princess and the cupcake one also sound cute! :o)

  6. I’ve probably been eating cupcakes wrong my whole life. 🙂 I have experimented with different ways…

    Looks like a good list!

  7. A newly sweet smelling cupcake that has been frozen is a good thing to eat! I enjoy a cupcake after it has been taken out of the microwave and heated! “YUMMY!! YUMMY!!”

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