Posted by: Kathy | April 24, 2010

Baking Day Today

It’s no secret I love to bake. Love, love, love it. It helps me relax. It makes other people happy (unless they’re counting calories of course).

Today has been a baking day. I needed to de-stress a little bit, and lots of folks from work are coming into town for our conference this next week. They aren’t in the office regularly so don’t get to sample my goodies on an almost weekly basis. I promised I’d bake for them the next time they were in town. It’s a win-win situation.

Here’s what I made today.

Two batches of banana nut muffins with chocolate chips

Two batches of chocolate chip cookies – I use butter flavored Crisco rather than butter

Peanut butter kiss cookies – I totally cheat and use Betty Crocker cookie mix

Apple cake

Cocoa Krispie Treats

Still thinking about making scotcheroos and buckeyes.

What are you doing on this rainy (if you’re in the Southeast) Saturday?


  1. And you managed not to sample???

    • I had one bite of the cocoa krispies treats. That is it!

      However, that’s also why I haven’t made the scotheroos or the buckeyes yet. They will be harder for me to resist.

  2. Hooray for you!

  3. I made whole wheat pita bread. I’m planninng on making my weekly batch of Lazy Granola this morning. Fun!

  4. Wow, you were quite busy!! All sounds wonderful. They will love it all. Good for you not sampling!

  5. […] (many of whom came from out of town) to some yummy treats today. I had a great morning of baking on Saturday and cooked it […]

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