Posted by: Kathy | May 14, 2010

Losing It! Update: 05 14 10

We are still buttonless – working on that. Hope to have something cute for next week.

How did everyone do this week?

I lost a pound, but man it was a hard pound to lose. I started walking in the neighborhood instead of the treadmill. That seriously is working my leg muscles. Like seriously!! I found that I enjoyed walking outside MUCH more than I did the treadmill. It was a great time to listen to some praise music and just enjoy God’s creation. Very peaceful – especially in the cool evening air.

Looking back at my new goals, I did okay. Still having trouble recording everything I eat again. And that’s just a discipline thing. Something I need to make myself do. Discipline Kathy. Discipline!

Summer has officially arrived in our Atlanta burb, which means more time outside and at the pool with the Princess. I’m hoping to keep my pool munching at bay and once the water warms up a bit (I do not understand how children can go in water that can’t be more than 5 degrees) try to find a way to exercise some while she’s at the pool.

So – did you stick to your goals this week?

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  1. One more week down @ JustaChick
  1. You are next…
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  1. Okay, here’s a good news/bad news answer: I drank so much pop that I’m totally over it and am CRAVING water again! 🙂

    • Mary – that’s hysterical. That’s a lot of pop. Just cut it all out. Sounds hard, but for me it’s easier to go cold turkey than limit myself to just one.

  2. I forgot to weigh myself this morning…. overslept and was running out the door to work!! I will weigh and post tonight!
    Mary, you are soo funny. I guess craving water is a possitive!
    Kathy, I find that walking outside is so much better.. there are actually things to look at. I tried to do most of my training for bloomsday outside… cause the race was outside. It made a big difference for me this year.

    • So proud of your Bloomsday experience. You are AWESOME!

  3. Congratulations on your one pound down this week!
    I went up .5 lb. this week. I guess I gave myself too much permission to celebrate my birthday and Mother’s Day. Darn.
    This week is more focus on healthy food and water intake. Exercise is still going well 🙂

    • Water Water Water!
      Glad you had fun celebrating though.
      Amazing how quickly it can go back on!

  4. Great job!

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