Posted by: Kathy | May 19, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday: Baby Wipes

I haven’t had a diaper wearer in the house in about five years. Praise the Lord! However, I still regularly by baby wipes. Why? Because they are an amazing invention.

They are portable. – Just grab a pack and it can go to the pool, on a picnic, to the park, outside… anywhere.

They are nice to sensitive skin. – The Princess has very sensitive skin. Anything with harsh chemicals or something rough will aggravate it. Baby wipes don’t bother her.

They can be cheap. – When you use your coupons correctly, you can get baby wipes for practically nothing.

They are already wet. – So, when you’re at the Braves stadium at the top of the top deck and covered in melted Dippin Dots, you don’t have to walk down a bazillion stairs to go wash your hands. Not that I would know anything about that scenario.

I keep a pack of wipes in the car, in the “outings” backpack, in the pool bag, and in my kitchen so I can grab it and take it outside when cute little girls are eating chocolate popsicles and become covered in said chocolate.

Baby wipes – they work for me!

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  1. me and my mom both use baby wipes constantly

  2. What would we do without them?!

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