Posted by: Kathy | May 22, 2010

Live Love Serve: 05.22.10


Free Summer Ideas for Kids at – This is a great list of free ideas to do during the summer. Make sure you read the comments too as there are even more ideas there. We just finished calendaring all the Princess’s camps and such. Now it’s time to fill in with some of these great ideas!


Top Ten Reasons I Love My Husband at Harms Family News – This post reminded me of my Top Ten post on why I love my husband. Have you told your husband that you love him today?


Top Ten Ways to Love Someone in a Crisis at Foggy Days and Sunset Livings – This post brought tears to my eyes. As the BFF of someone fighting the cancer fight, this list rang so true. If you have someone in your life that is struggling with a long term illness or who has lost someone in the last year or so, they are still in need and will be for a long time. It’s always okay to reach out a helping hand. I put this in the SERVE category, because to LOVE someone during a crisis is to SERVE them.

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  1. Great links!! And I love the categories you broke them up in (and I totally recognized that they match your tagline!!)

    • You noticed huh?
      I thought of that this morning.
      Thought it would be a fun way to categorize them. Will probably be doing it that way from now on.
      I’m SO creative – ha!

  2. Thanks for posting these!

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