Posted by: Kathy | May 27, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Fresh From the Oven Cookies

I made these cookies this morning for the Princess’ end of the year party this afternoon.

I had run out of chocolate chips. I know this utterly shocking for those who know me well. I NEVER run out of anything. So, I used chocolate chunks and toffee bits. Oh my!

They looked amazing. They smelled amazing.

I’m doing well on my LOSING IT goals, but these cookies… they were calling my name.

“Kathy….Kathy…You must eat me. You MUST!!!”


It was SO GOOD! Like ambrosia on the tongue. Absolutely heavenly…

Now, I will go record my calories like a good little girl. Might have to take another walk this afternoon.

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  1. You’re doing awesome! I love the calorie tracking cause technically you can eat anything you want! You may have to eat lettuce and celery for the rest of the day, but sometimes I’m willing to do that for a cookie!

    • Just looked up the original toll house recipe – which I use with some tweaks. One cookie is ONLY 108 calories. WAHOO! I’m actually doubling that since mine is a bit bigger and has toffee bits. However, I will now still be able to eat dinner. LOL!

  2. I hear you. I was making cookies this morning, too, and they were calling my name or the dough was. I love cookie dough! Walking will be my friend tonight.

  3. So true!! If someone can avoid a fresh out of the oven cookie – they are made of steel and I’d rather have a little flab!!

  4. Oh my goondess, you are KILLING me. Those sound amazing!!!!

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