Posted by: Kathy | June 3, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Neighbors

Baked Beans Showdown - kids hanging in the backyard. SO FUN!

I have awesome neighbors. Like, seriously awesome neighbors.

You know the kind that a quick phone call or text will have them running to your aid.

The kind that call you at midnight to tell that your garage door is open because they care about you.

The kind that will take your kid to the pool because they know you need to work.

The kind that are always up for an impromptu get-together.

The kind that fix you a meal in a time of need.

The kind that will pick you up a gallon of milk since they are going to the store anyway.

The kind that always have extra popsicles in their freezer so that every kid can have one.

The kind that share their sunscreen and pool snacks.

The kind that will come over and try baked beans so you can write a blog post about it.

Ya, I’ve got awesome neighbors.

I love them.

Oh, and that beans blog post. It’s coming soon. Promise.

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  1. Kathy…I love your neighbors too!!! I’m always impressed when I go somewhere with a gathering of neighbors and see how “close” they are and the community they share!! You are very blessed!! Thanks for allowing me to experience that last nite!! The baked beans showdown rocked!! Way to make things happen!! 🙂

    Michele 🙂

  2. Wow! Those are some awesome neighbors! We’ve had several since we’ve been married, when dh was deployed they would shovel snow or mow the lawn. Watch my kids, etc. etc. What a blessing it is! 😀

  3. […] kids had an awesome time playing outside, and a few even tried the baked beans. OhAmanda’s Asa loved both beans recipes. He […]

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