Posted by: Kathy | June 15, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: No Internet

My Internet is out. I’m typing this in Word and hoping that at some point I can copy and paste into my blog.

It is amazing how much my life has become dependent on the Internet, and a strong signal. Here are the ten things I’m not doing right now because I can’t. Remember, I’ve got no Internet.

  1. Reading email. I love email. I love reading email. I miss my email.
  2. I was about to email my cousin who is coming in town next week for our family reunion. I think she is coming in on Friday night. Or maybe it’s Thursday. I don’t remember. She’s staying at my house. I should know when she’s coming. I can’t look it up because I use Gmail, which is GREAT when you have Internet access. I don’t have any.
  3. Blogging. Oh, I’m still blogging here in Word, but I can’t link up to anything, and I’m about to need to do some linking.
  4. Reading OhAmanda’s post “I Want To Be Wilder.” I mentioned on Twitter earlier that I am afraid to read it. I’m afraid God will use her to convict me of something. Like REALLY afraid. Now I can’t read it. Whew! Safe for a bit. Okay, I could go read it on my iPhone, but I’m still afraid, so I’m using this excuse.
  5. Twitter. I’m addicted to Twitter. I’ve checked it twice since the Internet went on my iPhone. See, that still works ‘cause of the whole 3G thing. I love technology. However, I really like my Tweetdeck on my computer where it’s all organized.
  6. Playing a little Webkinz. Webkinz relaxes me. I love the games. And, I earn money for the Princess. It’s a win win.
  7. Uploading the update for my BFF’s Caring Bridge site. Cancer sucks – even when there is Internet. Just an FYI.
  8. Looking at pictures of the Princess and her cousins at Callaway Gardens. My mom uploaded all the pictures today. I can’t see them ‘cause they’re out there on the World Wide Web. And, I’ve got no Internet.
  9. Listening to My Sweetie harvest his crops. I think it’s time for his harvest in Farmville, and he can’t get online. Oh no! I hope they don’t go bad. Can they go bad? I don’t know. I don’t farm.
  10. Facebook. I almost forgot Facebook!! That would be the cousin to Twitter. They both hold a place in my heart. I can Facebook on the iPhone, but it’s much better on the big screen where you can see big pictures. So, I’m missing it.

There you have it. The ten things that I can’t do right now because I’ve got no Internet. Also known as the list of things that make me the pathetic geek that I am.

I miss the Internet.

Linked to Top Ten Tuesday.


  1. Have you tried Live Writer … you can still write your blog posts w/out internet & it’s more “life like” than using a document. Just a thought … I always get mad when the Internet goes out, I need to chill out & use that time to do something I “should” be doing;)

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