Posted by: Kathy | July 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: July 26, 2010

Life is about to get CRAZY in the House of Hills. We got a contract on the house. Should get the inspection report today. Need to get those items fixed. Need to get the Princess registered in a new county as school starts SOON! And, a MILLION other things. So, I seriously need a meal plan this week to have at least one stable thing.

Here’s the plan.

MONDAY: Small Group. I’m not cooking. PTL

TUESDAY: Breakfast for dinner – easy and plan on making some extra waffle sticks for a friend’s family

WEDNESDAY: Leftovers. My Sweetie did some batch grilling on Sunday. We have some left.

THURSDAY: Garlic Shrimp

FRIDAY: Take Out



Oh, and did I mention that I went on a huge meat run not long ago. Now, all that is in my freezer. MUST eat lots from the freezer before closing date. I seriously don’t want to move all that meat across town in this Georgia heat!

What are you cooking up this week. Check out what cooks all over the country are doing at Menu Plan Monday.

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