Posted by: Kathy | July 29, 2010

Losing It! 07.30.10

I didn’t make it. I am sad. I lost one pound, but not two. I didn’t make it to a thirty pound loss by the end of July. I am sad. And, I am stressed!!! I’m moving and have LOTS TO DO! This makes me stressed. Stress makes me eat. Eating makes me fat. It’s a vicious cycle.

So – the fact that I lost a pound this week is a bonus. It truly is! I shouldn’t have lost any. Not the way I’ve been eating.

Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow, I will get up and walk, I will drink my water, and I will do my best. That’s all I can do – my best. I will keep up the hard work. I will stay as far away from chocolate as I can. However, when the stress smacks me hard, I will let myself indulge. Or, there might be tears.

Did you see Mandi’s Top Ten Weight Loss Tips this week? It’s a good post.

Did you hear that Mel is pregnant? She is! So excited for her. No more weight loss for her right now.

How are you doing this week?

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  1. I am proud of you. In all of this step back and take a few minutes to yourself. Tell yourself how far you have come and how lucky you are and think of the wonderful things that lie ahead. You have done a great job!

    • Thanks Dottie! I know I’ve done good, just got more to do.

  2. Wait you’ve got two more days!!! But even if it doesn’t happen, you’ve done so incredibly awesome Kathy! Seriously! And I can definitely relate to the stress. I tell my husband all the time “our kids are driving me to eat”! Not good.

    Thanks for the linky love too:)

    • I’m halfway there. Wearing a cute little skirt today.

      That helps!

  3. July is NOT over!! You have today and tomorrow. Keep working and walking and drinking that water. Just think of all the calories that packing boxes will burn. Keep the refrigerator packed with healthy things. You are so close! You are successful!

  4. You are so STRONG!

    • On good days.

  5. Sorry you haven’t gotten to your goal yet! You still have another day! Weigh tomorrow too!

    • I’m afraid to weigh tomorrow. I had M&Ms today!

      • With peanuts? I call those a wash… protein and carbs. 🙂
        Proud of you anyways! Thanks for the encouragement on my blog post… its just so frustrating that I have so much to lose, but can’t seem to make the scale budge. 😦

  6. Has it already been two weeks since I was here last? I wish I had something phenomenal to report, but basically I’m doing the two steps forward and one step back sort of thing.

    The last two weeks I have taken one step back and gained two of the five pounds I lost a month ago. I have been doing great with my exercising, so I like to hope that some of my gain is in muscle mass, but I have NOT been eating the way I should, so I’m sure I’ve gained some fat also.

    I know you are feeling sad about not meeting your goal. It is true, that there is always tomorrow. Or there is always August to make a new goal and try to reach it. I am going to use my failures to motivate me to do better! I know what I need to do. Now I just need to do it!

    Moving is so HARD. Good luck to you!

  7. You are still doing fantastic! Don’t EVEN let that one pound bother you. Look how far you’ve come! And your metabolism is working harder so it’s burning more calories even when you’re eating more or exercising less. Moving is a huge stress so give yourself a break! Hang in there! You truly are an inspiration.
    Thanks for the shout out! I still want to keep up with you ladies. I would have written a post yesterday but was in bed all day with a migraine. I may still participate to keep accountable with exercise and eating healthy during the next nine months. I DO want to keep exercising. I’m already many pounds overweight and adding baby poundage is going to push the limits-lol! I’m going to be as wide as I am tall! haha

  8. […] and dips them in warm syrup. I used to drown mine in syrup. Now, I just give it a bit – I’m Losing It! you know. I’m currently using the pancake recipe that I got from a recent issue of Food […]

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