Posted by: Kathy | November 7, 2010

30 Day Give – Day 7

30-Day Giving Challenge

Today was an AWESOME day! The Princess and I set off after church to do some shopping. Well, first we had to have some lunch.

Then, we hit the stores. And we shopped until we dropped. Boy oh boy did we shop! The best part is that we weren’t shopping for our family. We were shopping for others. We were shopping for our Operation Christmas Child boxes that we are packing for my birthday party. We spent HOURS looking for bargains and tossing stuff into the cart. This one for the LITTLE GIRL. This one for the BIG GIRL. This one for the BOY.

That’s right. We’re packing THREE boxes. I had planned on one each – boy and girl, but the Princess wanted to do one for a little girl too. So, she emptied her give box to pay for the stuff to go in that one. I was SO PROUD of her.

The BEST part was how excited she was to come home and sort everything out. She wanted to pack the boxes right away. Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to happen as not everything is here yet for the boxes, but she did get a great start on sorting everything.

As the Princess said while we were shopping, “Today is all about giving Mama!”


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