Posted by: Kathy | November 9, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Getting Ready to Party

We are getting ready for a HUGE BIRTHDAY PARTY here at the House of Hills. That’s right. I’m turning 39. Not a big deal really. However, the way we are celebrating is A BIG DEAL. We are having an Operation Christmas Child birthday party on Saturday so that I can do a big give on my birthday. That’s what I wanted for my birthday this year. To give to children all over the world.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening. I’ve opened my house from 10am to 3pm for people to stop by and pack Operation Christmas Child boxes. Several people have already bought me gifts to go in all the boxes (you can see the list here), and whomever comes over is bringing stuff to finish out the boxes. Then, my family will take them all to a drop off location next week.

OUR GOAL IS 100 BOXES!!! Whoop! Whoop!

In preparation for this party, there is still A LOT to do. Let me share my list with you Top Ten Tuesday Style.

1. Figure out what I’m going to make for folks to eat. Why is this a priority? I don’t know, but when people come to the House of Hills, they expect to be fed… and well. Here’s some ideas I have.

2. Unpack all the stuff that came in the mail. We’ve got lots of boxes. Those need to be unpacked. This part is going to be FUN!

3. Set up stations. The Princess already has a plan for this – I love her planning mind. We’re thinking put up tables and line all the stuff that we have for people to put in boxes on one side of the room and space for actually packing the boxes on the other.

4. Set up a note writing area. I think one of the most amazing things about Operation Christmas Child is that we get to put a note in the box. We get to tell these children that God loves them and that we are praying for them. AWESOME! I want to make sure I have enough stationary so that everyone can write a note for their shoebox.

5. Explain to my daughter that all she thinks is going to fit in a shoebox is not. We went shopping on Sunday. We had a blast and bought TOO MUCH STUFF! Well, not really because it will all be used. She thinks she’s filling three boxes. I think she’s filling eight. Which, is pretty cool.

6. Get some rubber bands. We’re supposed to rubber band the boxes together to drop them off. Ya, I don’t have 100 rubber bands.

7. Print labels for the boxes. Operation Christmas Child provides an awesome directions sheet with labels, I’ve got make sure I have enough of each age group so people can tape them to the boxes. Maybe My Sweetie can do this part. Oh Sweetie!!!!!

8. Clean up the house – people are coming over – enough said.

9. Set up play areas in the basement and in the playroom. We’ve got kids coming over. Their parents are going to want to sit and visit after they pack their boxes. The kids need someplace to go play. I’m thinking of setting up all the Little People in the basement for the littler guys and making the playroom girl central.

10. Pray!! Pray for those that are coming. Pray that we get 100 boxes filled. Pray for the children who will be receiving the boxes. Pray that the Lord blesses this venture. Just pray.

That’s all I can think of right now. Those of you that have packed your boxes already – do you have any ideas? Any helpful tips?

You can be sure that I will be taking lots of pictures and maybe even some video. I’ll share it all with you next week!

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  1. Well since your birthday is close, Happy Birthday. You’re very sweet to be asking for donations instead of presents for yourself.
    People don’t even realize the inspiration they give when acting so selfless. *thumbs up*
    I’m inspired πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement. It’s been amazing how people have responded to my birthday party. I love it!

  2. This sounds like so much fun and I just hate that I won’t be around for it 😦

    • Wish you could come too, but the puppets are calling – I know. πŸ™‚

  3. […] in full Party Preparation mode here at the House of Hills. The Princess and I are working hard on our list of to-dos. We’ve got all kinds of boxes in the living room. We’ve bagged silly bands and removed […]

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